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Magic Safflower (post by Michel Garcia)

Safflower rose, and pigment from washing waters Let's separate the seeds from the ligules, for it's time to sow safflower seeds A good opportunity to present the method of extracting the famous Indian rose. The ligules are washed with cold water, 7 to 8 times, and well pressed. The washing waters, deemed unusable for dyes, are set aside: later we will make a pigment from them. The ligules are extracted with potash from ashes. They are kneaded in an infusion of wood ashes, several times, but this time the solutions are kept? To make a dye bath, a bit of gall nut is added, then citric acid. The juice turns pink; the linen cloth immediately takes on a nice Indian rose tone. The washing waters of the ligules are added with chitosan. Immediately, an orange pigment forms. It is filtered through a cloth and washed on filter. All that remains is to prepare a binder of gum arabic, and to tube it. This shade has already found a buyer!

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