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Michel Garcia

Michel Garcia is a luminary in the natural dyeing community, renowned for his innovative work, educational contributions, and unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.

Born in Morocco, Garcia was captivated by the rich palette of natural dyes at the age of nineteen, leading him to a profound exploration of botany, chemistry, and the time-honored art of dyeing.

While his significant involvement with Couleur Garance (Madder Color) helped to bridge the gap between ecological-minded young artisans and the deep-rooted knowledge of traditional dyers, Garcia's influence extended far beyond this association.

Michel's commitment to revitalizing and innovating natural dye practices led to the creation of the Botanical Garden of Dye Plants at the Château de Lauris in Provence in 2002. Under his guidance, this garden became a premier dye plant study and application hub. The garden's evolution continued with the launch of an international forum and market for natural dyes in 2003 and the establishment of a dedicated resource center in 2004.

In 2006, Garcia shifted focus to further studying and disseminating natural dye techniques. His published works during this period expanded the natural dyeing community's understanding, detailing the vast array of colors achievable and elucidating the processes to obtain them.

Michel Garcia's influence is further amplified through his company, which can be found at Here, he offers an exceptional selection of dyestuff and chemicals essential for natural dyeing. This venture underscores his commitment to providing high-quality resources to enthusiasts and professionals, facilitating their exploration of natural dyes.

Garcia's reputation has been significantly bolstered by his appearance in four educational DVDs produced by Slow Fibers, making him widely recognized and celebrated in the field. Building on this success, he continues to expand his educational outreach by creating online courses available for purchase on his website. These courses offer in-depth insights into natural dye processes, catering to a global audience eager to learn from his extensive expertise.

In addition to these resources, Michel maintains a public Facebook blog where he shares insights, updates, and stories from his adventures in natural dyeing. This blog allows him to connect with a broader audience, sharing his passion and discoveries with both seasoned practitioners and newcomers to the field. For students who have purchased his tutorials, Michel offers access to private blogs. These exclusive platforms provide a more intimate setting for learning, where students can dive deeper into the nuances of natural dye techniques and engage directly with Garcia. This tiered approach to sharing knowledge ensures that learners at all levels have the opportunity to benefit from his vast experience and expertise.


Since 2017, Garcia has resided in Brittany, France, in Le Faouët. He has been dedicated to unraveling the secrets of indigenous dye practices worldwide. His work with organic indigo vats, bio mordants and other innovative techniques marks significant advancements in natural dyeing, contributing to a sustainable future for the textile industry.

As an educator, consultant, and entrepreneur, Michel Garcia's contributions to natural dyeing are unparalleled. His work not only revives traditional methods but also pushes the boundaries of what is possible in natural colors, making him a pivotal figure in the movement toward ecological responsibility and artistic beauty in the textile world.


Olga Kazanskaya

Hello! I’m Olga Kazanskaya, a passionate explorer at the intersection of science and art. With a PhD in Molecular Biology, I spent two decades immersed in academia, contributing to groundbreaking research in Moscow and Heidelberg. My journey has been driven by an insatiable curiosity and a profound respect for the intricacies of life at the molecular level.

However, the vivid tapestry of life extends beyond the lab. My path took an exciting turn as I ventured into the vibrant realms of natural dyeing and felting. This transition was not just a change in medium, but a deeper continuation of my exploration of nature's wonders. Over the years, I've had the privilege of collaborating with the finest artists and experts, creating a series of video tutorials that illuminate the art and science behind natural colors.

Currently, my focus is on a very special project. I am working closely with Michel Garcia, a pioneer in the field of natural dyeing, to create a comprehensive bundle of his tutorials. This collaboration is more than just an educational resource; it's a bridge connecting traditional wisdom with contemporary practices, all aimed at fostering a sustainable relationship with our environment.

Join me on this colorful journey as we explore the beauty and complexity of the natural world together. Whether you're a fellow scientist, an artist, or simply someone who marvels at the beauty of life, there's something here for you. Welcome to a space where colors bloom from the deep roots of science.

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