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From Plant to Dye with Michel Garcia

Michel Garcia needs no introduction. He is a botanist, naturalist, historian, philosopher and one of the world's greatest experts on natural dyes. He has contributed immensely to the revival of natural dyeing that is happening today.  Michel is a great teacher, he knows how to explain the most complicated issues so that everyone understands, and to pass on to the students his approach to the subject.

Explore the Depths of Natural Dyeing with Michel Garcia: A Comprehensive Video Journey

Dive into the essence of natural dyeing through our latest video series, showcasing the unparalleled expertise of Michel Garcia. With six tutorials already enriching minds and the seventh in production, this series is an evolving testament to Michel's mastery over the art and science of natural dyes.

Unveiling the Mastery:

Our journey begins with "Colorants. Beyond the Recipe," an immersive experience that transports you directly into Michel’s atelier. Here, Michel not only shares his profound knowledge but also his personal system of ideas surrounding the chemistry of natural dyes, plant lore, and the historical and philosophical contexts that envelop this ancient craft. Witness as Michel deftly navigates through chemical formulas, crafts extracts and pigments, manages a 300-liter indigo vat with ease, creates watercolor paints for his wife Charlotte, and forages for lichens in the wilderness.

A Transformational Learning Experience

Participants of Michel’s in-person workshops often report breakthroughs in understanding, achieving clarity on concepts that remained elusive for years. Our digital course is designed to replicate this enlightening experience, bringing Michel’s wisdom into your home. This isn't just a tutorial; it's a journey into the heart of natural dyeing.

Engage, Learn, and Connect

Enrollment is open directly through this page. We've tailored a user-friendly, interactive interface that segments the video into digestible parts, accompanied by text explanations, diagrams, and even a quiz to enrich your learning experience. Additionally, we offer the video with subtitles in French, Spanish, Italian, and German to accommodate our global audience.

The value of this course extends beyond the learning materials. Enrollees gain exclusive access to ask Michel questions in a dedicated, closed Facebook group, "From Plant to Dye." This community is a vibrant space for discussion, inquiry, and shared growth, open only to those who embark on this learning path with us.

Join Our Growing Community

Upon purchasing the course, you are cordially invited to join this interactive group, where knowledge, techniques, and insights flow freely, connecting enthusiasts, experts, and novices alike in their shared passion for natural dyeing.

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