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Madder Red (post by Michel Garcia)

Madder red 100% vegetable-based The Atrebates, ancient inhabitants of Northern Gaul, had developed a real textile industry, notably manufacturing woolen cloths dyed in red, which were highly appreciated in Rome. But what was the secret of the inhabitants of ancient Arras who very rarely imported Roman alum? This industrious people was known for their mastery of arboriculture and for the cultivation of madder, which was maintained until the end of the Middle Ages, when the city of Lille took over. From the use of apple pomace, several colors of madder were obtained. In search of the first, which tended towards auburn, we first used a plant that accumulates Aluminum, lycopodium complanatum, present on the sites until the 19th century. The wool is first heated with an equal weight of lycopodium powder mixed in a blend of water... and apple juice. Then an equal weight of madder root powder is added. The wool thus takes on a nice shade, leaning a bit towards orange.

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