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Tutorial VII. Complete Guide to Dyeing Cellulosic Fibers

This is the seventh video tutorial in Michel Garcia's video course titled "From Plant to Dye."

The tutorial features Michel's lectures, demonstrations, and recipes.

This extensive video course offers over six hours of content, accompanied by detailed handouts and a recipe book.

The narration is in English, with subtitles available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German.

Fiber Plants and Plant Fibers

Michel tells about the main families of plant fibers: bast, leaf, seed and stalk fibers, about history, biology and chemistry of fibers.

Chemistry of cellulose

Why can't traditional mordanting methods for wool and silk be applied directly to cellulose fibers? And why doesn't soaking cotton overnight in alum or aluminum acetate lead to substantial aluminum ion accumulation?

Michel answers these and other questions.

Scouring of cellulose fabric

Michel shows a simple test for readiness to dye and gives recommendations for scouring cellulosic fibers

Aluminum acetate mordant, dry-and-fix method. Aluminum-Iron mordant

Demonstration and recipes. Special attention to middle-scale preparations. New recipe for Aluminum-Iron mordant!


Tannin and aluminum acetate, 2-step mordanting

Detailed recipe for 2-step mordanting of cellulosic fibers

Animalization: chitosan

Chitosan offers a fascinating alternative to traditional mordants, acting as a bridge between the worlds of textile dyeing and environmental sustainability.

m2n copy 2.jpg

Middle-scale mordanting with Al acetate

Demonstration and recipes, working with big pieces of fabric.

Dyeing with mordant dyes

Michel shows working with the main groups of natural dyes, in form of extracts ir raw plants.

IMG_0119 Kopie.jpg

Miiddle-scale dyeing (madder)

Dyeing of a big piece of fabric , quick and efficient.

Fixation and finish

Fixation by boiling or steaming

Preparing middle-scale indigo vat

Michel talks about the chemistry of indigo, about lime and maintenance of the vat.

Dyeing cellulose fabric with indigo. Maintaining the vat

Dyeing big pieces of fabric

Making Pigment Lake as a way of recycling dye pot

Michel shows how to make lakes from dye pot leftovers

Comparison of mordants

A scientific test performed by Michel

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