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Michel Garcia III. Big Silk Workshop

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Michel Garcia is one of leading experts in the field of natural dyeing. A tireless investigator of the plant kingdom with a chemist’s insight, Michel will share with you his fundamental knowledge of natural dyeing of silk. This is the third tutorial from the bundle, "Big silk workshop". Michel speaks about the history of silk and dyeing and printing on silk, particularly in France. He creates the whole colorful palette on silk, from plain dyes to block and screen printing. This course is for you if you: • feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available online • want a guidance of a real expert • are enthusiastic about sustainable dyeing No previous knowledge of natural colors is required, as well as deep knowledge of chemistry. You may use this course separately, or after Tutorials I and II. This tutorial will be available in full beauty 15st of November, but you may pre-order it at early bird price and start learning.

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