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Tutorial VII Dyeing Cellulosic Fibers

We are glad to release our brand-new video tutorial by Michel Garcia: "Complete Guide to Dyeing Cellulosic Fibers"!  We are offering an early bird price until July 1st.

 We would be grateful if you could share this information on your social media.

This comprehensive tutorial includes more than 6 hours of original English video content, meticulously created by Michel. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dyer, this self-paced course allows you to join anytime and learn at your own pace.

Now, we present the contents of the tutorial, organized into 32 detailed parts. We prepared a detailed handout and a recipe book, translated in FR, DE, IT and ES.

Table of Contents


    Part 1. A Closer Look at Linen and Cotton

    Part 2. PFD (Prepared for Dyeing) Test

    Part 3. Scouring

    Part 4. Fiber Plants and Plant Fibers

    Part 5. Understanding Cellulose: The Basics

    Part 6. Introduction to Natural Dyes

    Part 7. Mordanting Like Druids (with Clay)

    Part 8. Mordanting Cellulose: Principles

    Part 9. Al Triacetate Mordant

    Part 10. Scaling Up Mordanting I

    Part 11. Dyeing with Extracts I

    Part 12. Dyeing with Extracts II

    Part 13. Dyeing with Raw Plants I

    Part 14. Dyeing with Raw Plants II

    Part 15. Intermediate Results and Fixation

    Part 16. Mixed Colors

    Part 17. Shell We Dye? Using Chitosan

    Part 18. Scaling Up Dyeing I

    Part 19. Scaling Up Dyeing II

    Part 20. Scaling Up Dyeing III

    Part 21. Microwave: Quick Dye Trick

    Part 22. Feeling Fe-ncy: Iron Mordanting I

    Part 23. Feeling Fe-ncy: Iron Mordanting II

    Part 24. Feeling Fe-ncy: Iron Mordanting III

    Part 25. From Dye Waste to Pigment Wealth I

    Part 26. From Dye Waste to Pigment Wealth II

    Part 27. From Dye Waste to Pigment Wealth III

    Part 28. Setting Up Your Indigo Vat

    Part 29. Indigo Dye at a Medium Scale

    Part 30. Comparing Alu Mordants I

    Part 31. Comparing Alu Mordants II

Join us in this vibrant journey through the world of natural dyeing and discover the rich spectrum of colors achievable on cellulose fibers.

 Enroll now and start your colorful adventure (link is in the first comment)

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