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Recipe for Preparing a Big Fructose Indigo Vat

Recipe for Preparing a Big Fructose Indigo Vat


  • 300 grams of high-quality indigo powder

  • 1 kilogram of sugar (fructose)

  • 600 grams of lime (a mix of quick lime and calcium hydrate)

  • 120 liters of hot water (at least 70°C)


  • Large container or vat (at least 120 liters)

  • Two empty pots for mixing ingredients.

  • Broomstick


  1. Prepare the Dry Mixture:

  • In an empty pot, mix 300 grams of indigo powder.

  • Add 1 kilogram of sugar (fructose). You can divide this into two pots with 500 grams each.

  • Add 600 grams of lime, which should be a mix of quick lime and calcium hydrate.

  1. Combine and Shake:

  • Close the pots and shake well to combine the ingredients into a homogeneous powder. This is your dry vat mixture.

  1. Prepare the Vat:

  • Fill your large container or vat with hot water (at least 70°C).

  • Pour the dry mixture into the hot water.

  • Stir the mixture thoroughly using a broomstick or large stirring stick.

  1. Dissolution and Waiting:

  • Stir well to ensure the powder is fully mixed into the water.

  • Allow the mixture to sit and cool overnight. This time is necessary for the indigo to fully dissolve.

  1. Testing the Vat:

  • After the vat has cooled and sat overnight, test the vat by taking a small sample of the liquid.

  • The liquid should turn green when exposed to air and then turn blue upon rinsing, indicating the indigo is properly dissolved and reduced.

  1. Readying for Dyeing:

  • If needed, add more water to the vat to achieve the desired volume.

  • The vat should be ready for dyeing the next day. Ensure the vat is at the right temperature and properly reduced before starting your dyeing process.

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