“Felted hat” with Sigrid Bannier

Sigrid Bannier  is the founder of Bannier Filz brand with the dream to make wearing handmade felted hats a lifestyle.

For more than 15 years she has been making one-of-a-kind hats combining  hand felting and classic millinery techniques.  She worked in close cooperation with Karin Zeisberger, a known German milliner from Bavaria.

Sigrid’s special interest is also traditional folk hats; you can find examples on Sigrid’s homepage


We feltmakers have a great possibility to design and create any type of felt with a given color combination, surface design and density -  while other hat makers have to purchase industrial hat bodies. With millinery techniques, we can bring hand-felted hats to perfection, and Sigrid will share these techniques with you,  from stiffening to blocking the hat and finish/decoration.

We will create three different models, made from the basic form of a full capelin.

The first one is this man’s model which can be classified as Fedora hat. This model is beloved also by ladies. It is a bit thicker and heavier than other models (120 gram versus 90 gram).


This hat has all the elements of the classic hat. You can see the elastic velvet sweat band and the brim is stabilized by the special wire (gimp) and is decorated with the artificial leather band.

 The second model. Sigrid manufactured two different hat bodies, in crimson and dark brown, and blocked them. Then, she has cut the crowns, exchanged them and sewn crown and brim together.

These hats also have sweat bands and their brims are stabilized with the gimp; Sigrid will show you two different ways of attaching the gimp.


And then – last but not least – model number three! The hat body was  manufactured in two colors: dusty rose and dark brown. Then, Sigrid has cut the crown part away, turned it inside out and

sewn together. The hat is decorated with the decorative fold .

Program of the tutorial.

We will start with the manufacturing of a full capelin (means a hat body with a large brim), continue with the stiffening and blocking of hats. Then, we will learn how to finish the hat, making a perfect edge and stabilizing the brim with the gimp. And – last but not least, the trimming (decoration).

The video consists of 7 parts.

Felted hat with Sigrid Bannier

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