Cobweb shawl with Alisa Bordo

Alisa Bordo is a felt textile artist living in Mannheim, South Germany.  

For almost 15 years she has been creating felted accessories: scarves, shawls, wraps and hats.  Alisa invites you to a virtual tour through her atelier and her art market stand.

In this tutorial, she will introduce to you some of her favorite felting techniques, supplies, tools, and her strategies as a maker.

Cobweb scarves are the focus of Alisa’s business strategy. Every year, she creates hundreds of one-of-a-kind scarves and shawls for the German autumn and Christmas art markets. How does she optimize this process, choose the best materials, uncouple the “dry” and “wet” phases of felting? How can she avoid burning out? How does she make the beautiful labels and invent new “yummy” names for her scarf’s collections?...

She will share these secrets with you.

Alisa offers you a constant technical support. We created a private Facebook group where you can directly communicate with the instructor, ask questions, show your own work. This group, Cobweb shawl with Alisa Bordo, is opened only for people who purchased this tutorial. Video tutorial includes approximately 2,5 hours video (English) and a handout in English.


Cobweb shawl with Alisa Bordo

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