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Felting Tutorials EN

We create very detailed video courses with felt makers from all over the world


Tutorials with Alisa Bordo

Alisa Bordo is a textile artist from Kyiv, Ukraine, living in Mannheim, Germany. She creates beautiful textures, combining raw wool, silk fibers and silk fabric, velvet and other textiles.

Sigrid Bannier tutorials

Sigrid Bannier is a well-known felt maker from Germany. She makes elegant hats and textile jewelry.

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Olena Syzova tutorials


Tutorials with Olga Kazanskaya

Olga Kazanskaya is a textile artist living in South Germany. Her techniques allow to create beautiful "botanical" patterns on silk and wool.

Svetlana Fomina tutorials

Svetlana Fomina is a textile artist living in Moscow. Her technique allows to create beautiful textile "paintings".

Leaf Pattern Design
Parallel Lines
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